"I recently had my first appointment with Elizabeth, APN. I was very pleased with how comfortable she made me feel since it was my first ever gynecological exam. I don't usually say this about doctor's appointments, but I am truly excited to go to my next appointment. Not only did I learn options about birth control and sexual education, but I also now realize that I have nothing to be afraid of when it comes to my own sexual health and wellness. Thank you for helping me embrace a part of me that I once felt I must hide."

– Christa A.

"I love LRGO! Dr. Jennifer Gregory has delivered both of my babies since 2013. I've always felt very loved and well-cared for by such a kind, knowledgeable and professional staff. I've seen all of the OBs as well as the APN Elizabeth, several of the nurses and I cannot speak highly enough of all of them.


Thank you so much for caring for me (and my family) so well! We love all of you!"

– Capillya U.

"I love Dr. Beck and her APN Elizabeth! They are so wonderful, and they helped me bring my sweet little Meritt into the world. I am always happy to go to my appointments."

– Andrea S.

"Dr. Beck is the most caring, most attentive, smartest doctor I have ever been to. She brought my baby boy into this world via an unavoidable c-section and was so sensitive and thorough. My birth experience was made all the better due to this doctor. If you're a naturally minded mama and want a doctor who is insanely intelligent AND open minded... You have got to see Dr. Beck. Thank you Dr. Beck for everything!"

– Lizzy S.

"Always courteous and kind and helped me bring my precious boy into this world."

– Tiffany S.

"Dr. Beck, Elizabeth, Andrea, and everyone else at LRGO are amazing. There are not enough words to express how happy I was going there during my first pregnancy. I was super nervous throughout my whole pregnancy and delivery and Dr. Beck made me feel like Super Woman. I miss seeing everyone so much. I definitely recommend them to everyone."

– Amanda J.

"I saw Dr. Amy Galdamez with my daughter two years ago and she was wonderful. She had awesome bed side manner and was very helpful in many ways especially since that was my first baby and I had no idea on what to expect. She was very informative with any questions I had. I am now pregnant with my second child and I am excited and honored to have her as my doctor through this pregnancy as well."

– Cami H.

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