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Labial Reconstruction Surgery

Revision of the labia / vulvar area is performed for patients that do not like the sensation or look of their anatomy. The vulvar area could cause pain and discomfort for some patients during exercise, intercourse or with tight clothing.


After consultation with patients, we can assess if labiaplasty can be of benefit to their specific problem.


Labia Minora–or the inner labia, can stretch with age or child bearing and revision of this area can be performed as an outpatient procedure.


Labia Majora, which are the outer portions of the vulvar areas, may need some contouring and minimizing. This procedure is also done as an outpatient procedure. The women that require or desire this procedure have a tendency to be asymmetrical in the vulvar area and the procedure will make the area more uniform and less protruding.

aesthetic gynecology

Frequently Asked Questions

Vaginal Reconstructive Surgery

With the aging process or after childbirth, the female body changes. Some of these changes also include the vaginal area. Vaginal stretching and relaxation can cause pain and discomfort in daily and routine activities, as well as pain with intercourse. In some women the relaxation in the vagina can cause a diminished sexual response in them and their partner.


Our physicians counsel women about this aspect of their health and have been helping women achieve a more satisfactory anatomical health in their female genitalia. These procedures have been offered to our patients discretely at their office visits.


With the trend of advertising for the plastic surgery for the female genital tract, our practice feels that women should be informed about who is the most capable person to handle these specific treatment options. Our physicians perform vaginal reconstruction surgeries to achieve the optimal anatomical size and performance that is unique to each and every individual.


Our goal is to enable our patients to feel comfortable in inquiring about these procedures without the need to enter practices that only want to set "trends".


We take care of the whole woman and are more than happy to discuss these procedures with you. Please note if you have any of the following symptoms, and if the answer is yes, you may be a candidate for either vaginal reconstructive surgery or newer minimally invasive therapies such as ThermiVa or MonaLisa Touch:

  • vaginal relaxation
  • decreased sensation during intercourse
  • pressure in the vagina and rectum
  • tampons falling out
  • sexual partners complaining about change in anatomy


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